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Full Service Water Treatment


We are an authorized dealer of water treatment products tested and approved by the Water Quality Association. We offer residential, commercial, and industrial solutions. We offer installation, continuing service, and salt/chemical delivery for all our systems. You can purchase or rent to own your equipment. Please view the products we have available below and let us know if you have any questions and we'll be happy to discuss them with you.

To discuss purchasing or renting a system, please contact us.

Water Softeners

We offer the best and most efficienct water softeners available. We provide systems awarded the Water Quality Association's gold seal. Many of our systems last more than a decade in use without any major repairs or maintenance.

Benefits of using a water softener include:

  • Removing impurities, bad taste, and odor from tap water.
  • Removing hard water responsible for damaging hair and clogging skin pores.
  • Saving money on plumbing costs, hot water energy, and cleaning costs.
  • Removing scale from pipes, appliances, and places like around shower heads.
  • Extending the life of your appliances and plumbing.
  • Eliminating soap scum, leaving dishes crystal clear and reducing time spent cleaning.

Reverse-osmosis Systems

Reverse osmosis systems are used to filter water at the tap and provide purified drinking water with better-than-bottled-water quality. Reverse osmosis system filters only have to be changed once a year with moderate use, meaning you will have an entire year of crystal clear purified water from your sink with little to no upkeep.

Benefits of using a reverse osmosis system include:

  • Purified, bottled water quality drinking water direct from your sink.
  • Food and beverages prepared with purified water will taste better.
  • Crystal clear ice.
  • Save money filling your watter bottle right from the tap.

Salt-free, Non-electric Systems

These systems provide water conditioning without the use of electricity or salt. Great for preventing buildup of scale in water pipes and appliances and removing hard water spots as well as other chemicals.

Benefits of using a salt-free, non-electric system:

  • Removing buildup of scale from pipes, appliances, showerheads, etc.
  • Saving energy and costs of resupplying filtration media.
  • Extending the life of appliances and pipes.
  • Removing scale makes water better for your skin and hair.

Custom-built Systems

We also offer custom-built systems for any and all water quality problems. Our custom systems have purified water in some of the most difficult environments in North Florida and are used in private residences, businesses, and industrial and scientific centers throughout the Big Bend Area. If you have a water quality problem, we can build a system that will solve it.

Water Softeners

We offer the best and most efficient water softeners in the industry.

Reverse Osmosis

We offer reverse-osmosis systems for crystal clear, purified drinking water right from your tap.

Salt-free Systems

We offer salt-free, non-electric water conditioners to remove scale and impurities from your water.

Water Purification Systems

We custom design and build systems to solve any water quality problem.